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MAK Counseling


Marion Kellough
Marion Kellough, LICSW, PIP
Everyone experiences challenges in life that at some point may lead to a sense of being overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. At those times, professional counseling can help navigate those challenges and re-establish a sense of control and peace. The decision to seek counseling shows strength, courage and a strong desire for personal well-being and growth. In counseling, it is important to feel safe, encouraged and have unconditional positive regard and support, regardless of your circumstances. I offer a strengths based, positive approach to treatment and have helped clients gain insightful understanding necessary to implement effective life change. My desire is to partner with you to improve your overall health and happiness by focusing on all areas of wellness including emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness. Please navigate this site for more information and feel free to contact me by completing the contact information at the bottom of this page. I look forward to talking with you.

~Marion Amason Kellough
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